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Grosse Ile and Trenton, MI
The Wayne County Grosse Ile Free Bridge is scheduled to close to vehicle and pedestrian traffic on Saturday, November 22, 2014 from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.    During the closure, crews will perform maintenance work and switch the current lighting system over to LED.    The center island, below the bridge, will also be cleared of debris.   The closure is expected to last one day and is weather dependent.  


Public Notice
On Monday, October 20th, the Department of Public Services (DPS) will begin work to upgrade one of the two water mains that supplies the Township with the domestic water from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.  The purpose of this project is to regulate the water pressure and increase the supply of water by upgrading the pressure regulating valve pit. In order to accomplish this work, the water main that serves the northern half of the Township will have to be turned off.  The shutdown of the water main will not result in loss of water service.  Residents from time to time, may experience low water pressure, rusty water, or cloudy water.  If you experience rusty or discolored water, turn a cold water faucet on either in the laundry tub, sink, or bath tub and let the water run until it is clear.  If the discolored water persists please contact the DPS at 734.676.4422 for further investigation.   This project should last a few weeks depending on weather conditions. The Township of Grosse Ile would like to thank all residents for their patience and cooperation, while this critical project is completed.

Township Ordinances prohibit the storage of boats, trailers and recreational vehicles in the front yard.  The applicable Ordinances #285-3.3B (4B) and #285-3.3B (4A-1), require that they be located in the side or rear yards.  Please note: Waterfront properties do not have a rear yard.   They have a street front yard and a water front yard.  Also, orner lots have 2 front yards.

For more information we encourage residents to review the Municipal Code sections in question


Starting October 1, 2014, the Grosse Ile Department of Public Services will begin their Fall Water Main Flushing and Fire Hydrant Inspections.  The program will continue until completed (approximately six to seven weeks).

To minimize resident inconvenience, the work will be performed weekdays from
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., whenever possible.  For the duration of the program, customers may experience rusty or discolored water.  In most cases, the condition is temporary with water quality returning to normal as flushing is completed in the area.  Residents experiencing this condition can let the COLD water run in their laundry tub until it clears.

Although the discolored water is not harmful to drink, it can stain light colored clothes washed in it.  For this reason, consumers should avoid washing clothes from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. until the flushing program is complete.

The program is necessary to ensure the delivery of high quality water to residents and to check the proper fire hydrant operation.  The Grosse Ile DPS apologizes for any inconvenience to its residents.

Residents with questions are asked to contact the DPS office at (734) 676-4422 x 227.


To find more information about FEMA’s declaration process or disaster assistance programs, visit or

Complete Grosse Ile Results

The Grosse Ile Department of Public Services 2013 Consumer Report on Water Quality is now available. Copies of the report have been mailed to residents. Additional copies of the report can be obtained from the DPS office at 9601 Groh Road..

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