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Wayne County to open Multi Agency Resource Centers to assist flood victims

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Trash Pick-Up Schedule

Anderson  Thursday Ferry (7511-9001) Monday Bellevue Monday Ash Ave Tuesday
Annette Thursday Ferry (9301-10108) Tuesday Cadillac Circle Monday Beech Tuesday
Ash Tuesday Fifth Monday Cadillac Court Monday Cloverdale Court Tuesday
Astor Ct. Thursday Forest Tuesday Colony Monday Coleman Tuesday
Azalea Circle Tuesday Fourth Monday Dallas Drive Monday Coolsaet Tuesday
Balmoral Tuesday Gage Wednesday East River (23210-26872) Monday Country Club Lane Tuesday
Barbara Lane Tuesday Gandy Court Monday Eighth Monday Dreschfield Tuesday
Bayview Friday Gloccamorra Tuesday Fifth Monday Elbamar Tuesday
Beech Tuesday Glengarry Wednesday Fourth Monday Forest Tuesday
Bellevue Monday Golfpointe Circle  Tuesday Gandy Court Monday Gloccamorra Tuesday
Berkshire Wednesday Golfview Court Tuesday Grays Drive Monday Golfpointe Circle  Tuesday
Blackmore Tuesday Graves Tuesday Hazelnut Monday Golfview Court Tuesday
Blauvet Tuesday Grays Drive Monday Intrepid Monday Graves Tuesday
Blossom Lane Friday Gregory Tuesday Lasalle Court Monday Gregory Tuesday
Boucher Tuesday Groh Tuesday Lowrie Monday Groh Tuesday
Bournemouth Wednesday Halcyon Friday Lyons Monday Halley Crescent Tuesday
Bridge Thursday Halley Crescent Tuesday Macomb Monday Harlan Tuesday
Brodhead Tuesday Hampton Wednesday Marquette Monday Hazlett Tuesday
Brook Circle Tuesday Harbor Pointe Thursday Mathias Monday Hickory Drive Tuesday
Burning Bush Wednesday Harlan Tuesday Meridian (25059-25795) Monday Huron Circle Tuesday
Byromar Thursday Hawthorne Glen Friday Old Depot Monday Island Dr. (9293-10051) Tuesday
Cadillac Circle Monday Hazelnut Monday Parke Lane (23303-25131) Monday Johnson Tuesday
Cadillac Court Monday Hazlett Tuesday Parkway (7750-9279) Monday Kitche-Minishen Tuesday
Calm Meadow Circle Tuesday H.C.L. Jackson Wednesday Preswyck Monday Lafayette     Tuesday
Canal Wednesday Heather Lane Friday Rivard Court Monday Lakewood     Tuesday
Canterbury Wednesday Heron Drive Thursday St. James Monday Larkspur     Tuesday
Cardinal Thursday Hickory Drive Tuesday Sarah Court Monday Lexington Tuesday
Chatham Tuesday Hickory Island  Friday Sarah Lane Monday Loma Circle Tuesday
Cheshire Court Friday Hidden Lane Friday Seventh Monday Marlborough   Tuesday
Chicory Tuesday Highland Thursday Siding Court Monday Mathias Drive   Tuesday
Church (7625-8600) Wednesday Horsemill (7541-8325) Wednesday Sixth Monday McDougal     Tuesday
Church (8920-9910) Thursday Horsemill (9132-9510) Thursday Spur Drive Monday Meridian (21667-24525) Tuesday
Cloverdale Court Tuesday Huron Circle Tuesday Sunnybrook Monday Miami     Tuesday 
Coleman Tuesday Intrepid Tuesday Third Monday Ottawa Circle   Tuesday
Colonial Court Thursday Island Blvd. (7606-8697) Wednesday Thorntree Drive Monday Parkway (9400-9900)   Tuesday
Colony Monday Island Dr. (9293-10051) Tuesday Thorntree Court Monday Reo  Tuesday
Columbine Court Thursday Island Estates Drive Thursday Turntable Court Monday Rhododendron Tuesday
Concord Wednesday Ive's  Thursday Woodside Monday Riverview Court   Tuesday
Coolsaet Tuesday James Friday   Ruthmere     Tuesday
Country Club Lane Tuesday Jewel Court Thursday   Saragota     Tuesday
Coventry Wednesday Johnson Tuesday TUESDAY Southpointe   Tuesday
Dahlia Court Thursday Kathron Court Thursday Azalea Circle   Tuesday Staton Drive   Tuesday
Dallas Drive Monday Keith Thursday Balmoral     Tuesday Stinson     Tuesday
Dreschfield Tuesday Kitche-Minishen Tuesday Barbara Lane   Tuesday Stoney Island   Tuesday
East River (20030-23056) Thursday Kitty Hawk Friday Blackmore     Tuesday Swan Drive  Tuesday
East River (23210-26872) Monday Knudsen Wednesday Blauvet     Tuesday Swan Island Tuesday
East River (26875-30019) Friday Lafayette Tuesday Boucher     Tuesday University     Tuesday
Eighth Monday Lake Friday Brook Circle   Tuesday Waterman     Tuesday
Elba Drive Friday Lakewood Tuesday Calm Meadow Circle   Tuesday Waterway     Tuesday
Elbamar Tuesday Lanchashire Friday Chatham     Tuesday West River (22119--27500) Tuesday
Elder Court Thursday Larkspur Tuesday Chicory Tuesday Westcroft Tuesday
Ember Court Wednesday   Wilber Tuesday
    Berkshire Wednesday Anderson      Thursday
Lasalle Court Monday St. James Monday Bournemouth Wednesday Annette     Thursday
Lexington Tuesday Salisbury Wednesday Burning Bush Wednesday Astor Ct.     Thursday
Lighthouse Pointe Thursday Sarah Court Monday Canal Wednesday Bridge     Thursday
Loma Circle Tuesday Sarah Lane Monday Canterbury Wednesday Byromar     Thursday
Lowrie Monday Saragota Tuesday Church (7625-8600) Wednesday Cardinal     Thursday
Lyons Monday Scott Court Thursday Concord Wednesday Church (8920-9910)   Thursday
Macomb Monday Seventh Monday Coventry Wednesday Colonial Court   Thursday
Magnolia Drive Thursday Sherwood Wednesday Ember Court Wednesday Columbine Court   Thursday
Manchester Friday Shurley Wednesday Gage Wednesday Dahlia Court   Thursday
Marlborough Tuesday Siding Court Monday Glengarry Wednesday East River (20030-23056) Thursday
Martin Lane Friday Sixth Monday Hampton Wednesday Elder Court   Thursday
Marquette Monday Southpointe Tuesday H.C.L. Jackson Wednesday Harbor Pointe   Thursday
Masi Court Wednesday Spur Drive Monday Horsemill (7541-8325) Wednesday Heron Drive   Thursday
Mathias Drive Tuesday Staton Drive Tuesday Island Blvd. (7606-8697) Wednesday Highland     Thursday
McDougal Tuesday  Stinson Tuesday Knudsen Wednesday Horsemill (9132-9510) Thursday
Meridian (17542-21630) Thursday Stoney Island Tuesday Masi Court Wednesday Island Estates Drive   Thursday
Meridian (21667-24525) Tuesday Stout Wednesday Oak River Drive Wednesday Ive's      Thursday
Meridian (25059-25795) Monday Sunnybrook Monday O'Donnell Wednesday Jewel Court   Thursday
Meridian (26063-26700) Friday Swan  Tuesday Parke Lane (20051-21970) Wednesday Kathron Court   Thursday
Miami Tuesday Swan Island Tuesday Salisbury Wednesday Keith     Thursday
Middleton Court Thursday Third Monday Sherwood Wednesday Lighthouse Pointe   Thursday
Nancy's Blvd Friday Thorofare Thursday Shurley Wednesday Magnolia Drive   Thursday
Nathan Friday Thorntree Drive Monday Stout Wednesday Meridian (17542-21630) Thursday
Oak River Drive Wednesday Thorntree Court Monday Wood Wednesday Middleton Court   Thursday
O'Donnell Wednesday Thorpe Court Friday Woodcrest Wednesday Owen     Thursday
Old Depot Monday Thrall Thursday   Parke Lane     Thursday
Ottawa Circle Tuesday Turntable Court Monday FRIDAY Paulina      Thursday
Owen Thursday University Tuesday Plymouth Court   Thursday
Parke Lane (17409-19944) Thursday Voigt Thursday Bayview     Friday Potowatom   Thursday
Parke Lane (20051-21970) Wednesday Waterbury Way Friday Blossom Lane   Friday Scott Court   Thursday
Parke Lane (23303-25131) Monday Waterman Tuesday Cheshire Court   Friday Thorofare     Thursday
Parke Lane (26019-26050) Friday Waterview Thursday East River (26875-30019) Friday Thrall     Thursday
Parkway (7750-9279) Monday Waterway Tuesday Elba Drive     Friday Voigt     Thursday
Parkway (9400-9900) Tuesday Wood Wednesday Halcyon     Friday Wendell Court   Thursday
Paulina  Thursday Woodcrest Wednesday Hawthorne Glen   Friday West River     Thursday
Plymouth Court Thursday Woodside Monday Heather Lane   Friday Whitall Thursday
Potowatomie Dr. Thursday Wendell Court Thursday Hickory Island    Friday Williamson Thursday
Preswyck Monday West River (20101-22070) Thursday Hidden Lane   Friday  
Reo  Tuesday West River (22119--27500) Tuesday James     Friday  
Rhododendron Tuesday Westcroft Tuesday Kitty Hawk     Friday  
Rivard Court Monday Whitall Thursday Lake     Friday  
Riverview Court Tuesday Wilber Tuesday Lanchashire   Friday  
Rucker Friday Williamson Thursday Manchester   Friday  
Ruthmere Tuesday Yorkshire Place Friday Martin Lane   Friday  
    Meridian (26063-26700) Friday  
    Nancy's Blvd   Friday  
    Nathan     Friday  
    Parke Lane     Friday  
This is to the best of my knowledge! Rucker     Friday  
    Thorpe Court Friday  
    Waterbury Way Friday  
  Yorkshire Place Friday