Treasurer's Office

Ted Van Os Treasurer
(734) 676-4422 Ext. 223
Fax: (734) 692-9682 
       The Treasurer's Office Collects money for the following: Water Bills, Pet Licenses, Dog Park Permit, Violations Bureau Collections & Tax Bills. A drop box is available for the after hours collections. Please do not deposit cash in the drop box, checks only.  Office hours are 8 am through PM, Monday through Friday.  

Grosse Ile Township, P.O. Box 630, 9601 Groh Rd.,  Grosse Ile, Michigan  48138


The November, 2017 investment report reveals that the Township Treasurer's Office presently has $1,539,182.41 invested at a total average interest rate of .84% that generated interest income for the month of November for Grosse Ile Towsnhip in the amount of$6,471.81

2017 Pet Tags
are available for sale. The fee is $12.00 as of February 1, 2017.   Be sure to provide proof of a valid Rabies Vaccination when purchasing your pet tags.

Month End Investment Report November 2017

Month End Investment Report September 2017

We will be using Kent Communications (KCI) as our new printing company for tax bills. 
Your 2017 Winter tax bill will be sent to you in an envelope instead of a "self-mailer" as in past years.

We continue to collect late 2017 summer tax bills at Township Hall, As of November 1st a 3% late penalty will be added to the base tax amount with an additional 1% penalty per calendar month.

If you have unpaid summer taxes, make a payment by October 31st in order to avoid an additional 1% penalty. Partial payments are also accepted.

Annette Wurtsmith 
Annette Wurtsmith
Deputy Treasurer
734-676 - 4422 Ext. 232
Direct FAX: (734) 692-9682
         AndreaMarshall 1 - Copy  
Andrea Marshall
734-676-4422 ext:222