Yard Waste pick up ends soon!

  • Place in regular plastic or metal trash cans. Receptacles should not weigh more than fifty (50) pounds.
  • Special yard waste paper bags are acceptable. Yard waste CANNOT be mixed with normal household trash. 
  • One can of Yard waste must be clearly marked “Yard Waste or Compost” (32-gallon containers or brown paper “Yard Waste” bags.)  NO MESH BAGS!!  Separate the containers from regular household trash.
  • Yard Waste will be picked up on your regular trash pick up day. 
  • No yard waste will be picked up in plastic bags!
  • Tree branches, brush, shrubs, etc. (with dirt and roots removed and not to exceed over 2” in diameter). They must be tied and bundled in four (4) foot lengths. No more than fifty (50) pounds in weight. Garden waste, weeds and hay are considered yard waste.