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Notice To Vacate Hangar





To: Manager, Grosse Ile Municipal Airport
PO Box 129
9601 Groh Rd, Room 211
Grosse Ile, MI 48138-0129


Full Address

(_______)_____________ (_______)_____________ ______________________
Home Phone Cell / Business Phone E-mail Address

I hereby request to vacate my current hangar named ___________ on date __________________ and acknowledge that I am responsible for any rental costs in accordance with the Hangar Lease Agreement and the returning of all keys to the Airport Office upon vacating.

I am familiar with the Grosse Ile Municipal Airport Lease Agreement and understand that it is my responsibility to give at least 30 days notice of termination of my lease.

A security deposit refund is contingent upon fulfilling all of the terms and conditions of the lease, and any issuance of refund is within approximately 30 days.

Please indicate reasons for requesting to vacate:___________________________________


____________________________________ _____________
Tenant’s Signature Request Date
__________________________________ ___________ _______________
Airport Manager’s Signature Approval Date Form Receipt Date

Office Use Only Below:

Number of Keys Issued ______________
Number of Keys Returned ____________  Date _____________
Hangar Inspection Status - Date Requested  _____________   Status ___________ Date ___________
Completion of "Termination - Security Deposit Refund" form on Date ____________ 
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