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To: Manager, Grosse Ile Municipal Airport
PO Box 129
9601 Groh Rd, Room 211
Grosse Ile, MI 48138-0129

___________________________________________  ______________________
Name Current Hangar #

Full Address

(_______)_____________ (_______)_____________ ______________________
Home Phone Cell / Business Phone E-mail Address

I request that my name be placed on the T-Hangar Change List. My minimum hangar requirements are as follows.  You must check all specifications that you desire.

Facing              Size – sq. feet             Price                               Electricity
(  ) North          (  ) Same/Smaller        (  ) Same/Cheaper         (  ) Electrics Included/No breaker box
(  ) South          (  ) Larger                    (  ) More Expensive     (  ) Electrics NOT included/ Breaker box

or, row, hangar number, end hangar, insulated, etc.: _____________________________________________

Please choose one of the following:  (If you do not indicate a choice, you will be contacted according to Option B.)

(  ) Option A:   Contact me when each hangar becomes available to me, regardless of its specifications.
(  ) Option B:   Do not contact me unless a hangar, which becomes available to me, meets all of my specified requirements.

I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the Airport promptly of any changes to information I have provided on this form. I understand that the Airport relies on the information provided in this request and on my prompt responses to notifications of availability to lease hangars.

____________________________________ _____________
Tenant’s Signature Request Date
__________________________________ _____________
Airport Manager’s Signature Receipt Date

Office Use Only Below:                                                               Current Hangar Stats ___________________

Applicant Notification of Hangar(s) Available:    
Date        How Notified       Hangar #        Response               ____________________________________ 
____________________________________________ Placed in Hgr # _______ Date _____________
____________________________________________ Number of Old Hangar Keys Issued _________
____________________________________________ Number of Old Hangar Keys Returned _______
____________________________________________ Old Hangar Inspection Status _____Date ____
____________________________________________ Number of New Hangar Keys Issued ________
____________________________________________ Withdrew Name Date ____________________
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