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Temporary Political Signs

The following provisions recognize the special needs of the
community in presenting diversified opinions, educating the public or advertising or
advocating a candidacy or cause in a forthcoming election. Therefore, temporary political
signs, under those circumstances, shall be permitted in any district, subject to the following conditions:

(1) Area. Temporary political signs shall be no larger than three square feet in area.
(2) Height. No temporary political sign shall project higher than four feet above the
existing grade.
(3) Installation time frame. Temporary political signs shall not be installed or placed upon
property prior to three weeks before the election or vote upon any proposition or
candidate advertised thereon or to which the sign or signs pertain.
(4) Removal of signs. It shall be the responsibility of the political candidate or campaign
chairperson to cause such temporary political signs to be removed within five days
after the date of the election or vote upon the proposition to which the sign or signs
(5) Permission required. The candidate or campaign manager shall obtain the permission
of the owner of a building, structure, or property prior to posting a temporary political
(6) Location. Political signs shall be set back six feet from the property line.No: 697