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DPS and Community Development Director
Derek Thiel, M.P.A
DPS and Community Development Director
9601 Groh Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
P: (734) 676-4422 Ext. 228

Department of Public Services


Providing Grosse Ile residents with safe water to drink is a major responsibility of the Public Services Department. Removal of solid waste via contract operation and the operation of the sanitary sewage system are also of vital importance.

The Department of Public Services maintains over 65-miles of water main, 75-miles of sewer system and numerous fire hydrants that serves over 10,300 residents. The DPS  promptly responds to water main breaks to insure the least amount of disruption in service to Island residents.  Our commitment is to serve the needs of the community with the dedication and professionalism the residents deserve and have come to expect.

In addition to maintaining the water and sewer system, the Department of Public Services maintains over 11-miles of bike paths throughout the Township in regards to mowing, sweeping and cleaning, and winter maintenance. The DPS is the overseer on gravel roads for dust control in dry weather season and for crack sealing of roads; ice and snow removal of Township properties; storm water management; drainage maintenance.  The department oversees the contract operations of the Waste Water Treatment Plant, which includes five lift stations and the basin.

Jon T. Keim
Lead Maintenance
(734) 676-4422 ext. 133
S-2 Waterworks System Operator License

Dona L. Depa
DPS Utility Billing Clerk
(734) 676-4422 ext. 227