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Township Supervisor
Brian Loftus
Township Supervisor
9601 Groh Rd.
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
P: (734) 676-4422 Ext. 215
F: (734) 692-9693

Township Supervisor


To execute all statutory and assigned responsibilities to the utmost of my ability, and to ensure that the Board of Trustees and the township staff continue to provide exceptional, affordable municipal government services.


Working with the Board of Trustees, the staff and the residents, I will preserve and improve Grosse Ile Township as one of our country’s most desirable residential communities.

 Statutory responsibilities

The supervisor is frequently the first official contacted about any township business or complaint and is often perceived as the township spokesperson.  It must be realized, however, that the authority of the supervisor is limited to that provided by statute or assigned by the township board.  Within Grosse Ile, a General Law Township, the supervisor has the following responsibilities (some authority may be delegated):

  • Statutorily identified as Chief Executive Officer
  • May appoint a Deputy Supervisor 
  • Moderates Board of Trustees business meetings and Annual Meetings
  • Has authority to call special meetings of the Board of Trustees
    Develops township budget
  • Township’s legal agent
  • Responsible for property assessment
  • Serves on Elections Commission
    Secretary to Board of Review
    Maintains records of supervisor’s office
    Appoints Emergency Management Coordinator

Appoints members of:

  • Planning Commission
  • Elected Officials Compensation Commission
  • Downtown Development Authority
  • Serves as Liaison to the Downtown Development Authority
  • Represents the Township at Downriver Community Conference (DCC), Downriver Mutual Aid (DMA) and South East Michigan Council Of Governments (SEMCOG).


Brian was raised, worked and studied in the Detroit metropolitan area until joining the Air Force in 1970.  He graduated from the United States Air force Academy in 1974 and served on active duty as a pilot until 1981, when he transferred to the Michigan Air National Guard.  He continued serving in various operational and staff duty positions, including Commander of the 107th Fighter Squadron (F-16), 127th Wing Executive Officer, and Director of Plans and Programs (Headquarters, Michigan Air National Guard).  Aside from his official positions, Brian served as president of the National Guard Association of Michigan from 1997-1999.  He retired with over 33 years of military service in September, 2003.

While serving in the Air National Guard, Brian was employed as an airline transport pilot with Federal Express Corporation, flying worldwide air cargo operations in Boeing 727, Douglas DC-10 and Airbus A-300 aircraft.  He retired with over twenty seven years of service at Federal Express in February, 2012.

Brian and his wife Ann made Grosse Ile home in 1987, and their son and daughter attended Grosse Ile Schools from Kindergarten through High School Graduation.  He remains a member of numerous volunteer organizations, including the Grosse Ile Historical Society (president 1999), Friends of the Detroit River, and the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge Alliance.  Within the Township he served on the Airport Advisory Committee and assisted in writing the Township’s initial Emergency Response Plan.  He has served as Township Supervisor since November, 2008.